Francis Iacono (left), an artist and chef, from a large Italian family, comes to cooking quite naturally.   Fred Hemley (to the right of Francis), a former chemistry major and photographer, has been in the restaurant business for most of his life as well.   Both have honed their skills over the years working, separately and together, for Ciro Cozzi at Ciro & Sal's and for Sal DelDeo at Sal's Place.   In the 1970's they began their partnership at Rosy (formerly The Colonial Inn and presently The Watermark Inn) which turned into an instant success and was well known and much beloved as 'the place' to meet and have a drink. 

Alex Iacono,  (red baseball cap), Francis Iacono and Muffin Ray's youngest son, is in charge of the cold part of the kitchen preparing appetizers, salads and desserts.  He is equally adept at doing the pasta station and helps plating and putting out orders and keeping the kitchen humming along.

In 2012 these long time friends decided to go into business together, one more time, to create a comfortable seaside ambiance and serve favorite Italian recipes with fresh local ingredients.   Everything is made from scratch, slow-cooked and prepared to order.   No shortcuts here and no microwave oven!